How to Consign or Sell Items

Whether you have too much stuff, stuff that just doesn’t fit or stuff the little one no longer uses, Oodles is the place to bring it! We offer consignment and buy out – which ever suits your needs.

Now Accepting

Now Accepting

Oodles Consignment Boutique is always accepting gently used items, for clothing please see “Seasons” above for our in season clothing. We are always accepting out of season items but we do purchase them at a lower rate than in season items.


We are always accepting:

  • Jeans (in select sizes)
  • Shoes
  • Toys (with all pieces):
    • Baby Toys
    • Outdoor Playhouses/Slides
    • Ride On Toys
    • Many more..
  • Baby Equipment:
    • Strollers
    • High Chairs
    • Swings
    • Travel Yards
    • Much More!

For a list of items we are unable to accept please see the FAQ page. You may also call the store to speak with us if you are unsure whether we accept your item.



This is a rough guide of what we accept and when so you can anticipate when we will accept different seasons on consignment. We are always accepting out of season items but we do purchase them at a lower rate than in season items.

Spring/Summer Items:


We begin accepting: Shorts, Capris, Tank Tops, Sandals, Easter Dresses


All Summer items including Swim Wear.

Back to School/Jeans


Beginning in July we accept jeans 3T+ and back to school items including backpacks, lunch bags, etc.

Fall/Winter Items:


We begin accepting light long sleeves, jeans in all sizes, light jackets and boots. Halloween costumes are accepted at this time.


We accept all winter items including fleece items and heavy jackets. Consigned Halloween items expire on Halloween.

Christmas Dresses:

End of October we accept Christmas dresses on consignment. Consigned Christmas dresses expire on Christmas.



At Oodles we understand life gets busy and sometimes you just have too much stuff to do! Whether you just cleaned out your kids’ room or you realized your little one grew 3 inches over night and his brand new wardrobe no longer fits, we can help. To work around your busy life we offer both Consignment and Buy Out to help you get rid of your items the way you want.

There are no appointments necessary; you can bring your items in any time we are open. Saturdays are typically our busiest day so there may be an extended wait time before we get to your items. If that’s the case you can drop off your items for us to sort. See below for details.

There are some items we are unable to accept, for a partial list of these items please see our FAQ page.


Items are consigned for 60 days. Oodles sets the selling price based on a number of factors including brand, condition, and how well it sells for us. When your item sells for less than $30 you receive 40%, if your item sells for more than $30 you receive 50%. Money you earn is available to you at any time and may be applied towards purchases or up to $50 per day paid out as cash as available. All items consigned will be marked down 30% after 30 days. They may also be included in all sales.

There are some items we are not able to accept on consignment such as Onesies, Sleepers, Store Brand Clothing. These items are accepted on buyout only and you will receive immediate cash or store credit for those items. There is more information on our FAQ page about these items.


With our Buyout option you will receive payment for your items the same day. You will receive between 20-30% of the price we will price your item for. The amount depends on brand, condition, and how well it sells for us. Money you earn is available to you at any time and may be applied towards purchases or paid out up to $50 per day as cash as available.

Drop Off

Due to the large quantity of items we receive we work primarily on a drop off basis. You drop your items off and we will sort through them to select items we are interested in purchasing or consigning. We will set aside items we are not interested in (No Thank You’s or NTYs) and you can come back later the same day or by the end of the next day if you wish to pick up your NTY items. If you would prefer we can also donate items we are unable to take to one of the local charities we support on your behalf.


Make More $$$

Make More $$$

At Oodles we always want to make you the most money possible for your items. Here are a few tips to help you make the most. All items should be ready for immediate sale. Any items that are not complete or ready for immediate sale might be accepted, but at a much lower price. We check all items for recalls. If you think your item may be recalled just call the store to find out more information.

Clothes: All clothing should be freshly laundered and neatly folded. We are unable to accept items that are: heavily wrinkled, have any stains, rips, tears, missing buttons or unpleasant odors such as animals or smoke.

Toys: We require that all toys be clean, cloth parts washed and should include working batteries if the item requires batteries. Toys requiring cleaning or batteries will be purchased at a lower amount than those in floor ready condition.

Equipment: All equipment should be clean and free from stains. Equipment should have all parts and accessories. Equipment that requires batteries should include working batteries. Equipment requiring cleaning or batteries will be purchased at a lower amount than those in floor ready condition.

Any items we are unable to accept you may choose to receive back or we can donate them to one of the local charities we support on your behalf. We love to support charities that work in our own community. Check our FAQ page for all the details on our favorite local charities.



How much do I get?

If you consign your items you will receive 40% of items that sell for under $30 and 50% for items that sell for over $30. All items will be marked down 30% after 30 days and may be included in other sales.
If you choose to sell your items to us on buyout then you will receive 20-30% of the amount we will price your items for.

How long is the consignment period?

Items are consigned for 60 days. We will hold items for up to 3 days after they expire to allow you time to pick up your unsold items if you wish.

What if my item doesn't sell?

If you choose to consign your items, we will give you the date they will be consigned until, the date they expire. Any unsold items will be pulled on the date they expire and we will hold them for up to 3 days to allow you to pick them up if you wish. If you don’t pick up expired items within 3 days they become property of Oodles Consignment Boutique and may be donated to one of our charities of choice. There are no exceptions. Please note that due to the number of consignors we have we are unable to give reminder calls about expiring items.

Is Consignment or Buyout the better choice?

That all depends on what you are looking for. If you want to get the most money possible out of your items then Consignment is the way to go. If you want the money as quickly as possible and just want to get rid of the items then Buyout is your best choice. Either way you may choose either option any time you bring in your items.

Is there anything you don't consign?

There are some items that we don’t take at all (see “Is there anything you don’t accept?”) and there are items that we are only able to accept on Buyout. Our Buyout only items include but are not limited to: Onesies, Sleepers, Bibs, Books. We get a large quantity of these items and they are typically priced lower. For this reason we only accept these items on buyout. Typically we pay $.10-$1.00 each for these items.

Can you tell me how much I will get for my items?

We have to be able to see items before we can quote you any price. We have to look over all items for brand, age, condition, recalls and many other factors. We can give you a buyout amount on items if you would like. On consignment you may receive more for your items, however if they don’t sell then you don’t get any money for the item.

How do you decide the price and can I change it?

Oodles sets the prices of items to keep our prices consistent. We look at many different factors before setting the price we sell items for. Brand, condition, age, popularity of the item, how well it sells for us, are just a few of the things we consider. In general for Equipment we sell items around 50-70% of what they are new, clothes are closer to 20-30% of what they are new. This can give you a good idea of how much to expect if you want consignment (you get 40-50% of the price we sell it for) or buyout (you get 20-30% of the price we sell it for it).

Is there anything you don't accept?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept all items. We are limited on space and try to select items that sell well for us and will make you the most money. Some items we don’t accept are: Stuffed Animals, Used Car Seats, Used Baby Bath Tubs, Toys missing pieces, items smelling of smoke, stained items, any recalled items. If you are not sure if we accept your item just give us a call!

How long do I have to pick up the money on my account?

Money on your account never expires. Money you earn is available to you at any time and may be applied towards purchases or paid out as cash/check. Cash payout is based on amount, we will cash out up to $50 per day. If your account is inactive for more than 6 months, meaning you don’t have items on consignment and you haven’t used any of the money as store credit, then the available amount will become store credit only.

What charities do you support?

The local charity that we currently support is:

Harvest of Hope International

This list is subject to change any time based on their need and the amount we are able to provide. We support not-for-profit charities who provide support to those in need in our local community.

Can I get a copy of your Consignor Agreement?

Here is our Consignor Agreement you may print it out and fill it out to bring in with your items if you like. Please check back for any updates to the agreement.