How to Consign or Sell Items

At Oodles we understand life gets busy and sometimes you just have too much stuff to do! Whether you just cleaned out your kids’ room or you realized your little one grew 3 inches over night and his brand new wardrobe no longer fits, we can help. To work around your busy life we offer both Consignment and Buy Out to help you get rid of your items the way you want. 

There are no appointments necessary; you can bring your items in any time we are open. Saturdays are typically our busiest day so there may be an extended wait time before we get to your items. If that’s the case you can drop off your items for us to sort. See below for details.

There are some items we are unable to accept, for a partial list of these items please see our FAQ page.



Items are consigned for 60 days. Oodles sets the selling price based on a number of factors including brand, condition, and how well it sells for us. When your item sells for less than $30 you receive 40%, if your item sells for more than $30 you receive 50%. Money you earn is available to you at any time and may be applied towards purchases or up to $50 per day paid out as cash as available. All items consigned will be marked down 30% after 30 days. They may also be included in all sales.

There are some items we are not able to accept on consignment such as Onesies, Sleepers, Store Brand Clothing. These items are accepted on buyout only and you will receive immediate cash or store credit for those items. There is more information on our FAQ page about these items.

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With our Buyout option you will receive payment for your items the same day. You will receive between 20-30% of the price we will price your item for. The amount depends on brand, condition, and how well it sells for us. Money you earn is available to you at any time and may be applied towards purchases or paid out up to $50 per day as cash as available.

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Drop Off

Due to the large quantity of items we receive we work primarily on a drop off basis. You drop your items off and we will sort through them to select items we are interested in purchasing or consigning. We will set aside items we are not interested in (No Thank You’s or NTYs) and you can come back later the same day or by the end of the next day if you wish to pick up your NTY items. If you would prefer we can also donate items we are unable to take to one of the local charities we support on your behalf.

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