What is Consignment?

Consignment means your items still belong to you and we are selling them for you. We consign items for 60 days. You receive 40-50% of price your items sell for once they sell. We sort through your items and select those we are interested in consigning and we set the prices.

There are some items including bodysuits, sleepers, books, and out of season items that we only accept on buyout.

Money earned can be used for purchases in store or paid out in cash. Money on your account remains active as long as your account has activity. If your account goes inactive for more than 6 months then the money becomes available as store credit only. If your account remains inactive for an additional 12 months there is a $5 maintenance fee per year your account stays inactive.

Items that do not sell can be returned to you. You must call and request items to be pulled for you to pick up at the end of your 60 day period. We require 24 hours notice to prepare you items for you to pick up. If you do not request your items returned to you they become property of Oodles Consignment Boutique and may be donated.

It is your responsibility to regularly check for money on your account. We are unable to call when an item sells due to the large number of active consignors we have. You can stop in, call, email, or message us on Facebook to check on your account balance.