Whether you have too much stuff, stuff that doesn’t fit, or stuff the little one no longer uses, Oodles is the place to bring it! We offer consignment and buyout to suit your needs.

We always accept gently used items. On buyout we purchase all seasons of clothing all the time. On consignment we accept in season clothing, please see our Seasons page for information. Toys and equipment are always accepted for consignment or buyout.

How to Bring Items In

You can bring items in during normal business hours with no appointment necessary. See below for how to prepare your items to make the most!


    • Two (2) standard sized bins, boxes, or reusable bags accepted per day per person
    • Freshly laundered
    • Laid flat or neatly folded
    • Outfits together
    • Have all zippers and/or buttons in working order

We are unable to accept clothing or shoes that are:

    • In plastic bags
    • Stained
    • Missing buttons or zippers
    • Excessively wrinkled
    • Have holes, rips, tears, excessive wear
    • Smell of smoke or covered in pet fur

Toys & Equipment:

    • Clean
    • Cloth parts freshly laundered
    • If required have working batteries
    • Have accessories bagged with the item 

There is no limit on the amount of toys and equipment you can bring in at once.

Always Accepting

    • Clothing
    • Shoes
    • Toys:
      • Baby Toys
      • Outdoor Playhouses/Slides
      • Ride On Toys
      • Much more!
    • Baby Equipment:
      • Strollers
      • High Chairs
      • Swings
      • Play Yards
      • Much More!

For a list of items we are unable to accept please see the FAQ page. You may also call the store to speak with us if you are unsure if we accept your item.