This is a rough guide of what we accept and when so you can anticipate when we will accept different seasons on consignment. We are always accepting out of season items but we do purchase them at a lower rate than in season items. 

Spring/Summer Items:

We begin accepting: Shorts, Capris, Tank Tops, Sandals, Easter Dresses


All Summer items including Swim Wear. 

Summer clothes deltona

Back to School/Jeans


Beginning in July we accept jeans 3T+ and back to school items including backpacks, lunch bags, etc.

Back to school clothes deltona

Fall/Winter Items:


We begin accepting light long sleeves, jeans in all sizes, light jackets and boots. Halloween costumes are accepted at this time. 


We accept all winter items including fleece items and heavy jackets. Consigned Halloween items expire on Halloween. 

Fall clothes for kids

Christmas Dresses:

End of October we accept Christmas dresses on consignment. Consigned Christmas dresses expire on Christmas.

Kids Christmas Dresses